Safe Place

All those who come to Recovery for protection from the chaos of life will find peace in your arms, Recovery. Recovery cares enough always to supply what we need. Your healing is unmatched; it’s even better than the most empathetic parent in the world. Recovery of your character is good, and you will never let

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We feel awe, but it is awe enriched by Recovery, the same Recovery that fills us when we recognize our lives have purpose and meaning. The family was completely crushed by the news that their daughter had been rushed to the hospital after she attempted to take her life. Due to confidentiality, the family remained


The Final Words

Recovery is energy for us, Recovery is with us, and Recovery is within us. Are we ready to give ourselves completely over to Recovery, gushing out of us without reserve? Recovery doesn’t hold back or adhere to old ways to make our lives comfortable. Recovery wants us completely, without inhibition, in order to accomplish Recovery’s

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The Cup

The cup which we are willing to drink, and which we drink until it is entirely empty, becomes the cup of transformation and healing. Drinking the cup of transformation means emptying the cup of hurt, pain, and suffering so that Recovery can fill it with unsoiled life. When we are contemplating Recovery sometimes we plead

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