About ME

 I am both an author and a leader in the field of mental health. My area of expertise is teaching people how to recover from severe depression, anxiety, physical and emotional abuse, addiction, and trauma.
My own lived experience with a mental health condition has given me valuable insight into what works.

About The Author

L.J. Winter

 L.J. Winter grew up in a small farming community in eastern Wisconsin. He developed a passion for the game of basketball. The sport helped him cope with the challenges of a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder, a father that struggled to keep the family together, and his own struggle with mental health conditions.
L.J. began suffering from depression and anxiety during middle school. He knew something was not right with his mind. After years of suffering, he went to a therapist and psychiatrist in his late 20s. He was formerly diagnosed with depression and anxiety. His therapist recommended that he do a daily journal to improve his understanding of his mental health conditions and to show his progress in recovery.
He journaled off and on for the next thirty years. In his late 40s, he took a personality test which said he may want to consider pursuing a writing career.

This stuck with him and when he retired from a 30-year career in social work at age 55 he decided to become an author.
His father encouraged him to write a book about the family’s experiences with mental health conditions, addictions, and trauma. This led to his first book titled, SuperHuman Being.
He is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS). As a CPS he is a person with lived experience of mental health, addictions, and trauma. He promotes activities and actions that help improve a peer’s quality of life and ability to cope with the stress of daily life. His own recovery experience has taught him the significance of making connections with people in order to recover.
He facilitates a weekly virtual Peer Support Group and is a member of a local Mental Health Task Force. These connections are allowing him to help people with similar experiences that may need a person to listen, give hope, and guidance toward recovery in a way that is different, and equally valuable as professionals.

Why Choose This Book?

SuperHuman Being will challenge, inspire and enable you to pursue your unique recovery. Allow L.J. to take you on his journey toward becoming a SuperHuman Being and teach you to create this for yourself. Now is the time to Be Bold, Be Imperfect, Be Present, and Recover.

Be Bold

It takes courage to step forward and say to yourself, "I want to feel better."

Be Imperfect

Find peace within yourself by accepting your humanity.

Be Present

Be aware of your surroundings and what you are feeling rather than escaping into social media, alcohol, drugs, trying to change others, or other unhealthy behaviors.


Regain health, balance, and control in your life.


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I have been in group with Larry. I've seen him grow in his recovery through trying to help others but I noticed a substantial change when he opened up about his childhood. I think his recovery actually started with the writing of his book. Super Human Being. He opened up and shared some very difficult trauma in his life and I feel honored to be part of that journey. He has helped my recovery more than I can explain. God works through people I feel and he put me in Larrys life for a reason.
Jim Alf
Jim Alf
co-member Inklings Writers Group
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As he successfully learns the dynamics of healing from his childhood abuse, Larry Winter passes that wisdom along for the benefit of his reading audience. Superhuman Being is a valuable resource for those damaged by the malignance of familial abuse.
Daniel G Cavanaugh
Daniel G Cavanaugh
Daniel G Cavanaugh, M.D., FACS (retired)
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As a physician I found L.J. Winter’s book SuperHuman Being, Be Bold, Be Imperfect, Be present and Recover, to be a well written documentary of one man’s struggle through mental illness and his road to recovery. This book is a must read for anyone suffering from a mental disorder. Larry’s thoughts should lend a helping hand to anyone, young or old, suffering from depression or any of the many mental challenges.
Azul Terronez
Azul TerronezTEDX Speaker, Wallstreet Journal & USA Today Bestseller
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Being a mental health professional for more than two decades, L. J. has not only had the practical experience to shed light on how one might manage depression, anxiety, bipolar, addiction, trauma, and other mental health conditions but also shares his own recovery journey and his commitment to stay on a path of recovery. The stigma that having a mental health condition can bring someone can feel isolating and making it difficult to seek help and connections to others that we need in order to grow and transform. L. J. helps us know that we are not alone and that there is a way to be a SuperHuman Being—even though we feel imperfect. .
Pete Wegener
Pete Wegener
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Mr. Winters demonstrates with this book that one need not suffer a chronic mental illness for a lifetime but can not only recover from its devastating effects, but, in so doing, also show others how to live well-adjusted and satisfying lives.