June 25, 2024 Communion With Healing!

Healing invites us to walk with it. Some of us are on the margins of the road. We sometimes get off course because we become blinded by temptations in the habitats we occupy. The first healing step is acknowledging the need to cleanse our hearts and souls. We do not let anything separate us from life-giving communion with healing.

When our hearts turn to healing family and friends may want us to be stuck and make comments like, “You need to be happy where you are.”

There was a man who suffered a series of small strokes. Before the incident, he was an avid runner who placed in the top three for his age group at each race he signed up to be in. The stroke impacted the entire right side of his body making it difficult to walk. The medical experts did not believe he could recover enough to run again and some family members were skeptical. He said, “I do not care what others think I will regain my strength and once again participate in races. For several months he attacked his rehabilitation with a vengeance slowly reclaiming an ability to use his right side. Finally, after eight months of rehab, he ran his first 5K and placed 5th in his age group.

Sometimes we must let relationships go when people are unwilling to help us heal and get to a place of joy, peace, and happiness. I believe healing sometimes comes through other people. Ask ourselves, “What are we seeking.”

Those of us needing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing don’t want to be seen by race, culture, family membership, and otherworldly descriptions. We are made in the image and likeness of our Higher Power (For me God). Let’s see people and ourselves through the eyes of our hearts orchestrated by our Higher Power.

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