June 24, 2024 Who Is The Greatest?

An ecumenical retreat occurred in a cabin in the deep woods on the grounds of a retreat center. A priest, monk, preacher, minister, shomin, and rabbi attended the retreat. The facilitator was recognized universally by members of faith. His teaching, wisdom, and spiritual strength were on the same level as the Dahli Lama.

Those attending the retreat said to the facilitator, “Which of us is the greatest?”, each person was financially secure. The facilitator said, “It is easier to climb Mount Everest than a wealthy person to get to heaven”.

The facilitator says, “Are you willing to give up everything, embrace a profound spirituality, and receive more than you can imagine, even persecution?”

When we embrace spirituality, the earth becomes a sacred space, in a secular world. There will be persecution in our lives. It does not mean our lives will be easy just because we turn over our lives to spirituality. Where does Recovery intersect with everything I have written thus far?

When we focus on spirituality as we take the steps toward healing it does not mean troubles will fly away. When we live our lives spiritually, regardless of religion, we will not avoid death or pain. Turning to our spirituality for assistance does not mean our request will be answered. However, we will be healed for the benefit of the entire human race. Our spirituality will heal us, not us.

When we give our mental health, addiction, and trauma to our spirituality expect good things in return. We will get what we need not what we want. In our weakness, we are made strong by our spiritual benefactor. By being the best version of ourselves, we become closer to our spiritual heart and soul. We will experience pain due to our humanity and seek healing for the transgressions done to us during our lifetime. The beauty is our spirituality will help us through it all.

Who among us is the greatest?

What are we willing to let go of?

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