June 21, 2024 Get Your Popcorn Here!

Popcorn has nutritional benefits such as fiber, carbohydrates, salt, and fat. Like most foods popcorn eaten in moderation provides us with a portion of the energy we need to live. People on my support team offer a host of nutritional information. For instance, the psychiatrist manages the combination of medication, a therapist supports my goals for healing, and support groups provide relationships with compassionate, loving, and non-judgmental people.

How we live matters. The gifts we give and receive tell us what rings true of who’s we are evidenced by our behavior. The mental, emotional, and spiritual food we are gifted from other people prevents us from being aloof or distant from our struggles. Our Higher Power (for me God) has spiritual value, especially in moments when we struggle. We find comfort in the love of people raining down on us like the dewfall.

Sometimes we walk away sad from a grocery store because we could not find what we sought. We like to think if we go back to the store a week later they will have restocked the item we wanted. Does this happen when we believe our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are not met?

We can use the gifts of life to build a firm foundation for our mental health. We know what to let go of and what to hold onto. Living fully in union with people is like taking popcorn seeds and allowing them to pop in a popper. The kernels that pop provide a delicious snack. We let go of the kernels that do not pop into the waste basket. Healing will cause fear to surface. Let’s remember the nutritional value we have been fed. Then, all things are possible for our Mental Wellness.

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