June 19, 2024 What Are We Waiting For!

This blog is a tribute to my mother, she went home to eternal life on June 19, 2021. She suffered from Bipolar disorder for over 50 years. Rest in peace Mom I look forward to meeting you again!

How would we describe our Recovery life if a person asked us?

When do we reflect and meditate each day?

Has our Recovery grown as we have aged?

Typically we mature as our relationship with Recovery matures or are we practicing Recovery the same way we did in our early years of healing? Reflection, mediation, and taking action are necessary components of Recovery. In all things be bold (courage), be imperfect, and be present to embrace the miracles of life.

When we Recover there will be days we experience sickness or illness, suffering, and joy. When we reflect and meditate we are united in communion with people working a 12-step program and dialogue with therapists, psychiatrists, Higher Power (For me God), spouses, family members, and friends reducing the shame and guilt we feel in our hearts and souls.

This is the power of Recovery. We need to breathe just like we need to heal. Being in a relationship with Recovery requires faith, trust, depending on our Higher Power, and full communion with the people and circumstances in our lives. Recovery has open arms for us. Recovery teaches us how to love ourselves and other people, it always has. So what are we waiting for?

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