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Have you read a book, magazine article, blog, email, or other media, then re-read it years later? I have done this often during my lifetime. When I re-read a book I say to myself, “Wow I did not get the message the first time. There is a deeper meaning I glossed over initially.”

I read a story preparing for today’s blog. I have read or heard it many times throughout my lifetime. Initially, I learned how material goods fill a void for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. I am not condemning material needs like our basic needs, but what about the excesses in our bedrooms, closets garages, and storage sheds?

Reading the story caused me to go deeper into its meaning. Practicing Recovery reminds us we only have now. We do not have forever to get things right in our lives. Do not delay the more important things in life like Healing our hearts, spending time with the people we love, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and a relationship with our Higher Power (For me God).

Say, “We love you to people dear to us or I am sorry if I hurt you.” The gift of our presence can go a long way. Finding our Higher Power in the pots and pans of the kitchen. Reflect on the present moment. Invite the 12 steps into our lives. Allow the steps to be our companion. The daily grind of our day makes us believe we have all the time in the world to do whatever we need to do to heal. We only have now. Our Higher Power makes life meaningful by his grace.

Finishing this blog about the story I shared with you earlier I am left thinking, “When reading the story in three years what meaning will I glean from it then?” This is the beauty of practicing the 12 steps to deepen our spiritual, emotional, mental, intellectual, and physical being.

12 Steps to Health

Hope ≈ Healing ≈ Health

  1. We dedicate ourselves to a lifestyle of Recovery; our lives have purpose and meaning.
  2. We believe a Power greater than ourselves is the path to hope, healing, and health.
  3. We choose to contemplate daily, how faith in our Higher Power and Recovery Community can bring us peace.
  4. We choose to educate ourselves and find the courage to strive for the highest level of health and well-being.
  5. We communicate our Plan of Recovery with our Higher Power, with ourselves, and with another human being.
  6. We allow our Higher Power to be the lighthouse in our lives.
  7. We humbly ask our Higher Power to reveal his unconditional love and ongoing presence within us.
  8. We acknowledge our behaviors have impacted our relationships. We list those affected by our behavior and whenever possible become willing to reconcile or thank them for their support during a relapse or mental health crisis.
  9. We seek mutual reconciliation for a harmful action we committed and seek forgiveness from those we harmed or were impacted by our behavior. Then, let go of our shame because it no longer serves a purpose in our lives, we understand we were designed because we are loved and to be in relationships with other people.
  10. We continually review our Plan of Recovery with our Higher Power, support team, and those we trust.
  11. We come to recognize our shortcomings during recovery, while discovering our Higher Power is the source of our strength and mercy, we learn to rely on our Higher Power for the courage to heal through prayer, reflection, mindfulness, and when necessary seek professional support.
  12. We gain insight into our recovery through our Higher Power as we model these steps, and share our journey toward hope, healing, and health with people.

Adapted From 12 Steps of Alcoholic/Depressed Anonymous by Larry Winter and Collene Spaeth

Revised: 6/5/20



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