June 17, 2024 Healing Is A Team Sport!

The gift of Recovery guides and strengthens us. We do not come close to healing by our own efforts. Having a team of people to help support us during our struggles and when life is running smoothly gives us spiritual food. Recovery begins and ends in the grace of our Higher Power (for me God).

The gift of a writing coach guided and strengthened me. I may not have come close to authoring a book by my own efforts. Having a team of people brought my book to publication. I had a person develop my cover, another person coordinated everything that needed to be done, and several editors reviewed the manuscript with a different lens in mind i.e. line editor, proofreaders, and interior layout.

We rely on the grace of healing which means, “It’s a gift that can’t be earned and is often described as “unmerited favor” or “undeserved”. Those of us in Recovery are living examples of healing. We place our trust in our team which includes our challenges and joys. We rely on our team (for me including God, family, therapist, psychiatrist, support group, and friends) for help.

Prayer, meditation, and reflection bring light into our lives. We are renewed by facing the challenges of the day. Healing opens our minds and hearts to understand its meaning in living our lives. Recovery allows us to grow in faith and become transformed by its power.



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