June 14, 2024 Child Like Healing!

A mother of twelve adult children informs them she has cancer and will die within six months. The children don’t understand and ignore her. One of the older children asks the mother, “Who is the greatest child? The children are arguing amongst themselves each stating they are moms best.

The children were not worried about what the mom was facing. They had concern for themselves and their position in the pecking order. During their dialogue, their mother is greeted by a little neighbor girl. She reminds her children, “Unless you can believe and trust like this child you will miss an opportunity to deepen your spiritual growth. Right now you do not get it.”

A man with a mental health challenge came to a support group saying, “I need help and healing. People in my life have told me to be quiet because no one cares”. The man ignored the people pursuing healing from the support group. A member of the support group states, “What do you need us to do for you?” The group knew he was suffering emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The man gave voice to what he needed, a true need, not just a want. The facilitator says, “Your faith will heal you by seeking answers from within your mind, heart, and soul. This group will allow your voice to be heard free from judgment, offer compassionate responses, and support your vulnerability.”

What was the indication the man was ready to heal? He threw off his shirt and became spiritually naked. The adult children were unwilling to place their spirituality in the center of their lives. Unlike the man who was ready to let go and become spiritually naked. He was willing to view life through the eyes of a child.

When we let go of jealousy, depression, anxiety, self-centeredness, anger, ambivalence, power, and envy healing will transform our lives. Due to our humanness, these attitudes and feelings are normal. They become a hindrance when they negatively impact our relationship with ourselves and the people we care about. As we heal joy and peace will lift us to unbelievable heights.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who know parenting takes a child-like attitude. Parenting is both humbling and full of pure joy!!



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