June 13, 2024 Celebrate Community!

Celebrate Recovery the mother of love. Sometimes we gloss over the importance of support from people who care about us. This gives way to freeing us from the thoughts that bind us, blaming others for our struggles, and succumbing to a world of hopelessness.

We belong to each other (spouse, family, friends, co-workers, recoverees, etc.) in sickness and health. I have several new people in my life due to my Recovery program. I realize I cannot provide for myself without these people. I created a new family in addition to my natural family, yes the big picture is Recovery as a spiritual community.

Spiritual communion demonstrates my compassion to meet my needs and the needs of people. This gesture happens when my heart is stirred to act. This spiritual gift of the will helps us to be in the community and offer support and guidance to each other

Recovery and healing invite us to be patient, demonstrate empathy, and require extra work to do all these things well. Compare this to a natural family member or person where disconnection is occurring. We give of ourselves in connection with people to deepen our Recovery. Healing allows us to experience self-love and love of our neighbor.

Glen Campbell knew the importance of being connected to spirituality and faith. His last album, written one month before his passing was called, “I’ll See You There.” We will see each other in communion on this side of earth. If we miss this opportunity here on earth we will see each other on the other side. We have been given to each other to walk through life in sickness and health until we depart. Celebrate Recovery and the community of love from people in our lives.



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