April 18, 2024 Make A Great Story

Recovery requires us to give up our liberty, and hold on past events causing us emotional turmoil, our whole will, all we have, and all we possess. Becoming fully present in our humanity we receive graces when we are born, we need to let go of who we have become due to past choices made in our life or circumstances directed on us by other people’s behavior toward us.

     Healing takes action on our part to redefine our liberty, our memory, our understanding, our whole will, and all that we possess. Healing allows us to dedicate ourselves to a lifestyle of hope, healing, and purpose.

     We are meant to live in solidarity with others by sharing our humanity with them. The road does become difficult at times. However, we can rest and relax when necessary without shame or worry.

     Becoming a new creation takes effort. Regardless of where our pathway has brought us, abort the road we have been on and create a new path for ourselves.

Reflection: “Why were we made? To make a great story”. author unknown



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