April 15, 2024 Continuity

Due to a computer challenge, I was unable to do a blog post on Monday, April 14, 2024.

What does continuity mean? Each generation gives their knowledge and wisdom to help us grow. They preach to us what can be seen and heard. In turn, we pass on what we learn from them to other people. This assures the lessons of Recovery continue to those we support and future generations.

Who helped you enter Recovery and healing? I continue to Recover by attending a Depressed Anonymous Support Group on Tuesday evenings (https://superhumanbeing.net/thursday-zoom-event/) (even though the website states Thursday you will find out how to access the virtual group on Tuesdays from 6-7:00 p.m.). The people in this group offer their Recovery journey which they have learned from others in the group and other respected people. If you do not attend this group I anticipate some of you are connected to other programs and approaches.

I am learning the lessons of Recovery and healing through the connection to other people. I am handing down what I am learning to people in a support group I facilitate on Thursday evenings (the above website will take you directly to access the group from 6-7:00 p.m.

The continuity of the 12 steps and a host of other programs or approaches is handed down through several generations. There will continue to be continuity of healing from one person to another. Working in our program we receive pressure from family members, friends, and the community to distract us from engaging with the 12 steps or another program or approach. Despite these pressures, let’s rally together to stay grounded and focused on Recovery and healing.



email: ljw@superhumanbeing.net

website: https:/superhumanbeing.net/

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