April 11, 2024, Brilliance In People

Who are the people we brought into our lives to encourage and support Recovery? Healing words, steps, and listening occur through other people. Nine years ago I was struggling with my mental health. My wife came forward to help me get through this difficult time. She listened to my babbling despite telling her things multiple times which I did not recall. She was my feet by driving and attending therapeutic appointments. She reminded me that she loved me, our daughters loved me, and extended family members loved me.

There is brilliance in the people we surround ourselves with. We will receive grace when people come to us because they will be our witnesses to help us grow and heal. Once this occurs there are no other hands but ours, no other feet but ours, and no other mouths but ours.

What outcome can we expect? Miracles of love, freedom, and deliverance through people like us.



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