April 3, 2024 Jumping & Praising

Jim and Steve were going to the ‘Healing Place’ for the six o’clock hour to attend a Peer Support Group. A man suffering from severe depression and anxiety from adolescence was dropped off by a friend to attend the group. The man begged for healing from the people who were entering the building.

When the man saw Jim and Steve about to go into the building to attend the support group he asked for healing. But Jim studied the man like Steve and said, “Gaze at us.” The man focused on them, Jim said, “I do not have a cure for your depression and anxiety but I can give you what I have learned to heal and manage my symptoms.”

Then Jim took the man by the hand and escorted him into the building to join the support group that follows a 12-step program. The man began to listen to what each person was sharing about their Recovery program. He began to notice a stirring of excitement in his heart and a quiet peace he had not experienced for many years.

When the group was finished, he was outside walking, jumping, and praising the 12-step program. Although this was his first group the excitement he felt gave him hope to learn how to manage his sadness, anxiety, and trauma. When all the people saw him walking and praising the 12-step program, they observed that the man was the one who loitered around the building but did not enter to participate in the group. They were excited and amazed at what happened to the man after attending his first group.

How do you recognize yourself in the man?

What tools do you use to manage your symptoms?

What tools do you use to help support people with a mental health condition or addiction?

I am interested to know your answers to these questions. I would love it if you emailed me your answers



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