April 4, 2024 Is Guilt Bad?

When I speak to people in Recovery or those who attend a support group the word, ‘Guilt’ often comes out. If I asked Catholics what we are known for the answer usually is, “Catholic Guilt.” Depending on a person’s view of the world I may get different answers.

If we look back over how we were raised and taught about wrongs (sin), we may say, “I’m struggling with recovering from a life of guilt.” When we watch a podcast, movie, or television show a character in Recovery looks back and says, “I have guilt.” A friend laughs at that and says “Why do they call it Christian (Catholic) guilt? It’s just guilt.” My friend highlighted that we should feel guilt when we do something wrong. This is a sign that something is right – this is a good thing.

Guilt is the healthy response to something we did wrong (sin). Guilt is the nudge in our hearts and souls telling us, “Wait. Something is out of alignment with our conscience. We need to step back, review the landscape of our lives, and correct our course.” When we follow a different path, something has gone right inside us.

This is a difficult topic to write about fearing I may offend people. I hope we can teach ourselves to know in our hearts that guilt is a good thing and not a feeling to run from or project onto other people.



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