March 29, 2024 The Role of Serving in Recovery

Last evening we observed Holy Thursday in the Catholic Church. A tradition is the priest washes the feet of people in a similar format that Christ did at the Last Supper to his apostles. I was able to participate in this ritual which has an incredible amount of meaning in my life. When my wife and I organized our wedding ceremony we added washing each other’s feet to the ceremony.

What spiritual blessings occur when washing the feet of a person? In earlier blogs I have written the importance of having compassion for ourselves, being kind to ourselves, finding peace, and the importance of self-care. When these gifts become who we are and we feel it in our hearts it is our turn to share these with people in our lives.

When the person washed my feet I could tell they did it compassionately, with care, and peacefully. Once the person finished washing my feet it was my turn to serve by returning the favor. This was uncomfortable for me despite doing it several times before last evening. I am not sure why I felt this way. Maybe I fear breaking a person’s toes or pouring the water out of a pitcher and having it come crashing down on their toes.

When I washed the feet of another person I performed the ritual of sharing my compassion, kindness, peace, and self-care with them. These are lessons that apply to healing and Recovery. For some of us, we have been motivated by shame, guilt, sadness, anxiety, and other feelings for a major portion of our lives.

When we learn to serve ourselves and others with compassion, kindness, peace, and self-care this balance will guide us toward hope, healing, and health. The main point is to serve others in a balanced fashion. Oh yeah, don’t forget ourselves.





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