February 27, 2024 Intention to Action

I am participating in a 3-day retreat. The topics that are being presented do not directly focus on mental health but have some alignment with our mental health conditions, addiction, and trauma. The purpose of this blog is to reflect on the 12 steps of our program. I ask myself whether I accept the demands of the 12-step program.

The program belongs to us. What I put into it is the fruit I will bear. If you do not follow the 12-steps this may apply to another practice you use. I have found the program not to be an intellectual exercise but grounded in faith. The intention is not performance. At the end of each support group I participate in we are requested to come up with a goal for the week ahead. My intention to follow through with my goal is present but I will admit I do not always put it into action. This is a shortcoming of mine.

To live the values of the 12-step program (or another practice you follow) can bring us fulfillment and happiness. Let me give you an example. Seek to forgive someone who has caused you harm. When we do this we release the unwanted toxins through our breath so that we can bring life into our community. Community is unique for each of us which includes; family, friends, church, government, city, or town we live in, etc..

The program demands that we take action in our lives to bring about healing, justice, compassion, freedom, and reconciliation. I recommend we take time each day to reflect on our relationship with our program or practice to deepen our motivation to act.

What do we do to find fulfillment in our life?

What do I do to help other people grow?



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