February 26, 2024 Giving

I am working intentionally to set aside time each morning to read and meditate. I am attempting to clear myself of any external distractions and mind chatter. I listen for the voice inside my heart to guide me through the day.

Sometimes I do not hear a thing. Other times the message is barely audible. Then there is a day like today when the word was amplified and crystal clear. The word I heard was “Giving”. I must admit this does not come naturally to me. I am an only child. My parents made an effort not to overindulge me and surround me with other children in our small rural community.

Due to my mother’s mental health challenges and Dad’s attention to Mom’s needs my emotional and sometimes physical needs were overlooked. I learned that I had to take care of myself without the luxury of adult caretakers. This continued into my adulthood when I took care of myself. My attitude was, “I need to be independent”, or “People need to take responsibility for themselves without the aid of another”.

I married my wife nine years ago. She is teaching me a lot about what it means to give. Giving is not just monetary there are also other ways. My father just turned 85 yesterday. He is starting to need help with his activities of daily living. I pick up his mail, manage his funds, do errands upon his request, do paperwork, etc.

There are many forms of giving and it is unique for each of us. I want to be clear that this does not mean we give until we are exhausted. Giving wants us to stretch ourselves a bit but know when it is time for us to refill our buckets.

One last example. Each day when I write my blog I believe I am serving you. It gives me great pleasure to do this for you and in return receive emails about the impact of these blogs on your growth. In turn, when you do this you also help me grow.

What do you do to give to others?

What do you do to fill your bucket?



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