February 28, 2024 Ambition

This morning during meditation time I cleared my mind to listen for the whispers of my heart. During the silence, the word “Ambition” entered into my consciousness.

Ambition was a significant motivator for several years of my life. I allowed it to drive me to be a good student, basketball player, coach, and social worker.

Looking back I was attempting to fill a hole inside my heart by these artificial means to quinch my Ambition. Ambition allowed me to survive the difficulties of my childhood and mental health condition.

Today Ambition for me has a different meaning. The most important is to deepen my relationship with God. Secondly, I want to serve others to help them grow, which helps me grow.

Ambition does not lord our ways over people in a quest for power. Instead, Ambition serves others by building community. How do we do this? We can use our imagination and take personal responsibility to take action.

I fulfill this newfound Ambition by creating a virtual support group on Thursday evenings from 6-7:00 p.m. https://superhumanbeing.net/thursday-zoom-event/, the church community I belong to, and my family.

What is your Ambition in life?

How can you help build community in your life?

I suggest taking time to meditate on this and then take action.



email: ljw@superhumanbeing.net

website: https://superhumanbeing.net/

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