July 17, 2023 Seeds of Recovery

Thirty years ago Matthew began his journey of Recovery. His journey has been imperfect, frustrating, succumbed to laziness, and bared fruit.

The seed sown on the path of Recovery is the one who hears the words of Recovery without understanding it, and people who don’t want Matthew to change will take away what is rooted in his heart.

Matthew notices the seed planted on the rocky ground allowing him to hear the words of Recovery and receive them with joy. Unfortunately, the seed does not root among the rocks and eventually dies off. When challenges, temptations, or urges arise he tumbles away.

Next, Matthew observes a seed sown among thorns and hears the words of Recovery, but anxiety, fear, and acquiring riches strangle the words of Recovery and bear no fruit.

Lastly, when Matthew plants the seed in his mind, heart, and soul (represents the rich soil) in Recovery he hears the words of Recovery, comprehends it, bears fruit, and takes action to Recover.

How many of us see ourselves in Matthew? We could fall under all of these points in our lives.

In what way?

Based on my personal experience I find myself in each of these examples of Recovery. When I am imperfect I remind myself I am human, I am compassionate toward myself, and remind myself to show love toward my shortcomings. The seeds for me are represented by the support groups I attend, therapy and psychiatry appointments, eating well, and exercising. When I engage my mind, heart, and soul in these activities I blossom like tulips in early spring.



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