July 14, 2023 Be Present and Find Joy

Five years ago I learned that regardless of the situation I am confronted with, the joy of Recovery is always available. Practicing Recovery brings our lives hope, joy, purpose, and connection with people. And Recovery holds healing and health with a desire to share with us.

Today we want to capture your (Recovery) closeness. Recovery wants to be the lighthouse in our lives. Recovery is not an imposter; Recovery will outfit us with everything we need and often imparts even more than we ask for. Let’s draw nearer to the 12 steps of Recovery because we know Recovery is only a short distance away.

Recovery brings oxygen to our souls. For those that have been on the journey of Recovery for a while, we remember the joy we felt as we began practicing the 12 steps. Recovery is waiting to draw near to us again and revive our tired hearts and souls. For those contemplating or just starting Recovery welcome, Recovery is your hope and your new home



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