July 18, 2023 Power of Recovery

Recovery you are located within us and you are our constant chaperone. We have a relationship with you at the present moment. We have access to your power, to be bold, giving us all that we need in life.

We need you right now. We need strength, healing, and health. We need grit and fortitude. Recovery you are not asking us to be perfect and when we fall you have enough to fill up our minds, hearts, and souls. We invite you to meet our small and big needs and to be present within us.

We are so grateful that we are not left to our own devices to suffer through life as a victim. We willingly come to you just as we are; our masks are removed. You do not judge us for our mistakes or relapses nor do the people we associate with or support groups we attend. We continue each day to become the best version of ourselves.



email: ljw@superhumanbeing.net

website: https://superhumanbeing.net/

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