Safe Place

All those who come to Recovery for protection from the chaos of life will find peace in your arms, Recovery. Recovery cares enough always to supply what we need. Your healing is unmatched; it’s even better than the most empathetic parent in the world. Recovery of your character is good, and you will never let us down.

When we contemplate trusting Recovery with the results of episodes in our life, sometimes we find comfort in being in control. At other moments it bubbles up even more anxiety. When there are doubts about Recovery’s healing powers, we bring them to our daily practice. Let’s have a conversation about this, Recovery. Recovery can handle any confusion or questions we may have. We must be willing to expose everything without any reservations.

Recovery, here we are with all our questions and our vulnerabilities. Here we are with our lack of faith. We believe Recovery is our best option even when we grapple to hope. Recovery, take over our mind with your perfect peace. Make your presence known to us today.





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