We feel awe, but it is awe enriched by Recovery, the same Recovery that fills us when we recognize our lives have purpose and meaning.

The family was completely crushed by the news that their daughter had been rushed to the hospital after she attempted to take her life. Due to confidentiality, the family remained in limbo not sure if she was alive. But a few days later, she called them from her hospital bed. She was going to have a scar as a result of her attempt to take her life but very much alive and willing to engage in therapy. The concerned family was Overjoyed.

On the day of discharge, the concerned family members were Overjoyed by the sight of their daughter. Her wounds were visible, but she was very much alive. Each day, the family is Overjoyed when she connects with them and lets her know how much they love her and is there anything she needs from them.

Empowered by Recovery she is taking the necessary steps to inhale everything Recovery has to offer her. Recovery wants to return her to health. She is managing her stress by; eating right, exercising, meditating, attending support groups, reading books, seeing a therapist, meeting with a Certified Peer Specialist, and other stress relievers.

Recovery sends us forth each day to share its joy and eternal peace with everyone that is placed in our pathway. Remind anyone who believes their life is not worth living, “I am overjoyed to know for certain that you are alive. Allow the healing power of Recovery to come alive in you and through you, in every season of the year and every season of your life.”



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