Recovery Is Coming

Communion with Recovery means becoming a new creation. With Recovery we face our pain and darkness, with Recovery we let go, with Recovery, we are elevated up.

On our road to Recovery, it may seem that darkness wins. There appears to be nothing but doom and gloom.

But we learn from other people, also in Recovery, about the evolution of our story, because we witness those in our support community experience light, joy, and happiness. We know how being a part of a support group, seeing a therapist, friends, and family changes our lives forever. We know by faith that all our pain and darkness can be laid to rest as we journey through the 12 steps (see June 2, 2023 Blog). Our old, wounded nature can be buried through our initiation into Recovery. And tomorrow comes complete joy, as we celebrate the transformation of our mind, heart, and soul, to walk with Recovery in the newness of life, day after day until Recovery raises us up into a new creation.

Light of Recovery, flood our lives with the brightness of your promise of healing. And when darkness overshadows our life, help us remember that Recovery is always available.





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