The Final Words

Recovery is energy for us, Recovery is with us, and Recovery is within us. Are we ready to give ourselves completely over to Recovery, gushing out of us without reserve? Recovery doesn’t hold back or adhere to old ways to make our lives comfortable.

Recovery wants us completely, without inhibition, in order to accomplish Recovery’s plan for all of humanity. With this victory cry, “It is never finished”, meaning “There is no one and done with the journey of Recovery,” that is The Final Words. However, we can overcome darkness by consistently focusing on the light, joy, peace, and happiness Recovery promises to us.

What about you? Have you given yourself completely, without inhibition, in the service of your Recovery? None of us can come close to giving all that we are and all that we have for Recovery. It is humbling to admit we are Imperfect human beings. But thankfully we do not have to because our commitment to the 12 steps of Recovery will help us along on our journey toward healing. We cannot do this work alone, we can’t help but dedicate our life to healing within a community of support such as a support group, family, friends, etc. until our purpose on earth is completed.





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