Can’t Live Without It

We can’t live without food to nourish our bodies. Without it, our brain, heart, and other major organs are unable to function. Yet with it, we have the strength to make all things new in our lives.

Is there anything in your life that you cannot live without it? We can live without our earthly possessions. Those of us suffering from a mental health condition or addiction cannot live without Recovery. John is a 40-year-old man suffering from addiction. He attended an inpatient program hoping to overcome his dependence on alcohol. When he was discharged he was sober for a while but soon succumbed to his craving.

He no longer participated in any support groups or individual therapy. He existed to feed his addiction. In his middle 40s, he began to have problems with his heart which gradually worsened into his 50s. His diet consisted of little food but lots of alcohol. He was not open to Recovery and lived to feed his addiction. Because he was both mentally and physically bankrupt it lead to his early death.

When we come to appreciate more fully the wonderful blessings that our Recovery has in store for us we can change our attitude and refrain from giving in to our cravings. On this day and each time we receive the messages of a 12-step program (see June 2, 2023 Blog) may we cherish the graces it offers, but also the close bond of unity and friendship we share with our support system, friends, and family. Just do it!





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