Fully Readied

Where we have a need for, Recovery, there must be a break in our understanding of healing. We can locate all we need-every resource and all the strength we require within the principles of Recovery (12 steps see blog June 2, 2023). In the words of Recovery, we can find the instrument to living a life that is full of the fruit of hope. As we give way to Recovery, we submit our souls to the wisdom of Recovery and follow the path of love Recovery has cemented for us.

Where we have a need, Recovery will provide for us. Where we have questions, Recovery holds answers and solutions. There is no problem that Recovery cannot solve. Recovery is perfect in power, in wisdom, and in compassion.

Recovery, we are so indebted to your ways. Where we struggle to see your healing power in our lives, open our hearts to your perspective. Even as I walk through life weak-kneed, we hold onto hope that you (Recovery) are all we need.



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