March 27, 2024 The Journey To Wholeness

You may wonder what is discussed in a Depressed Anonymous or Peer Recovery Group. We have an opening outlining the boundaries that provide safety for each person. Next, the facilitator provides a nugget of information that inspires and challenges our beliefs. Then we each share whatever we want about our lives during the previous week. Each person has about 3 to 5 minutes.

One of the groups I attend uses, “The Depressed Anonymous (DA) Workbook and Manual” and the other group utilizes daily reflections focusing on Recovery. Last evening’s DA group we used the workbook and centered our attention on step 4 “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” (Note: the 12 steps used on Thursday evenings have a slight variation. Those steps have been included in my last two blogs.

Last evening I learned the 4th step is a big one if we want to begin the journey toward wholeness, peace, and feeling good which may be the first time we have felt good. For some, we remained in a hole of darkness and we believed we were not good enough. This belief will hinder what we can become and how we can empower ourselves.

A major portion of my life I tried to please people. I thought I had to do things their way. I was afraid if I did not function like this people won’t like me and abandon me. I worked hard to be perfect which only led to exhaustion. I judged my life on being what I thought others wanted me to be. Finally, I realized this was nonsense and permitted myself to explore who I was.

For the last five years, I have learned to connect with my heart and soul to begin anew and live one day at a time. I listen to what I am saying to myself, be curious about it, and determine if it is true. This awareness and taking action prevents me from taking a nose dive back into depression, anxiety, and trauma.

I am living one day at a time. I will admit I ocssionally have a day when I slide back into old thinking and behavior. I rectify this by making sure it does not turn into 2, 3, or 7 day’s in a row. I know If I can consistently practice being aware I know there will be hope. When good days happen I am sure there will be more.

At the end of the support groups we share a goal or statement from the meeting that touched us. We conclude with prayer.

What impact will there be if you commit to attend a support group? I have two virtual support groups you can attend.





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