March 22, 2024 The Empty Tomb

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I have endured starts, stops, and being stuck throughout my Recovery. During the infancy of healing, I attempted therapy, attended groups, and took medication. I purged some of the pain and darkness inside my heart and soul. Despite my efforts, I continued to have sadness, anxiety, and darkness knawing in my inner life.

Looking back I realize the tools I used to break free from suffering were not the reason I was unable to move forward. The problem was my inability to release my suffering and purge my heart and soul of the trauma that gripped me. I gradually was able to let go. If I had let it go all at once I would have crumbled like a building being bulldozed under.

I am filling the empty tomb, my heart and soul, left vacant from suffering. I continue to purge the trauma from the past which makes room for spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental growth. I am discovering by letting go of the old, I have room for the new.





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