February 21, 2024 Covenant

What is the definition of covenant (Before you read further think about this for a moment and then write down an answer)?

My answer is a two-part definition of the term. For example, right before I married my wife we had to go to our local courthouse to secure a marriage license by filling out paperwork. Next, we were married in a church ceremony and proclaimed publicly our vows to one another. The vows were a spiritual agreement (covenant) on what we would do to fortify a lifelong relationship.

What does this have to do with Recovery? When we are moved to take action we create a covenant with ourselves and our Higher Power to do the following:

  1. We talk to ourselves with compassion and kindness rather than shaming and depressing ourselves.
  2. We face old feelings of sadness, anxiety, and trauma rather than turning and running from old feelings.
  3. When there is a detour along our old familiar path of living, center ourselves and affirm that we got this rather than becoming disoriented and confused.
  4. We have a lot to gain by making a covenant with ourselves to attend groups, therapy, see a doctor, exercise, healthy diet, practice the 12 steps, etc. rather than being in the deep dark pit of our mental health condition.
  5. Admit and accept our mental health condition and addiction rather than it is this big bad monster we need to be fearful of.

Many times making a covenant with ourselves and our Higher Power will get us in touch with the source of our heartache. The more we stick with this process of eliminating or at least managing our mental health condition the more our days will be happier and less filled with despair.

(Some of the concepts in this blog come from, “Depressed Anonymous Workbook” Copyright @ 2001 Depressed Anonymous Publications Lousiville, Kentucky 40217)



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