February 20, 2024 Forgiveness

During meditation time earlier today I attempted to clear my mind and tune into my heart. I hoped I could find direction on what to write about for today’s blog. The voice inside of me whispered, “Forgiveness.” Next, I listened to a video and the theme for the day was “Forgiveness.” Finally, a reading reflection said, “I could go out of my way to give (people) affirmation.”

Whenever I receive a message three or more times I realize I am called to act. Therefore I will share two examples of forgiveness. First, at times we become confused about the meaning of showing mercy to another person. There was a person who carried a heavy burden of anger due to a friend’s treatment. This person decided to forgive his friend to promote healing. One afternoon the person went to his friend’s home and knocked on the door. The friend answered looking befuddled.

This person said, “I forgive you for belittling me in front of our friends.”

His friend replied, “So what I would do it again if given the chance.”

Impulsively and full of rage the person forgiving the friend smacked him in the face with a closed fist. This is far from an example of forgiveness.

Secondly, I worked for a boss who was mentally abusive toward me and so it seemed he would go out of the way to make my professional life miserable. He eventually resigned and I was free from his tyranny. As time elapsed I noticed how hard my heart was toward him. I know it feeds my trauma response. This was five years ago and since that time I have repeatedly had to forgive him I do not have a face-to-face relationship with him). I admit I still harbor anger and resentment toward him but the intensity has significantly decreased.

Four Lessons of Forgiveness:

  1. Forgiving a person is to free our hearts despite a person ever taking ownership of their transgression.
  2. Forgiving is not necessarily an event. It may take multiple efforts to free our hearts from the anguish we feel.
  3. Listen for the voice in our hearts to give us action steps for the path of forgiveness.
  4. If we forgive another person for harming us and they say, “So what I would do it again given the chance” don’t smack the person in the face (I know this is extreme-think of an example in your life you may be able to apply forgiveness without expecting something in return).

How can you extend forgiveness to a person that has hurt you?



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