February 15, 2024 Connection

We are inspired to unite in a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and each other. Connection is the source and summit of the Recovery life. Everything else we do is bound up with being in a relationship with other people. For in the connections with people is contained the whole spiritual good of healing.

We experience suffering. We all need healing but we attempt to go it alone or isolate ourselves from people. Where do we go for strength? Last week when I felt depressed I became aware of not turning to God in prayer and meditation. Since he is always present I realized all I had to do was invite him into my heart. Guess what? “It worked”.

Being in a relationship with people is important for my healing. Being in a spiritual relationship with God is vital to my health and well-being. I realize not everyone is open to the concept of God but a recognition of something greater than oneself is essential for healing to occur.

In the Little Black Book Six-minute meditations, the author writes, “However distant I might feel from the Lord, one thing is for sure: The Lord is with me and wants the same closeness with me as he had with his disciples at that table in the Upper Room. Let me enjoy his presence. Just plain enjoy it”.



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