February 14, 2024 What Are We Willing To Give Up?

In her book, “A Different Kind of Fast” Christine Valters Painter asks some pointed questions. What things are we holding onto? What are the patterns and ways of being, the habits and compulsions that are life-depleting? Which things divert our attention again and again from the radiant creation that we are? Are there resentments? Overwork? Grief denied?

During my recent illness, some dark moments zapped my spiritual strength. I found myself lying in my hospital bed suddenly drawn to prayer because I knew it was necessary to recognize God’s ability to give me strength. The beauty of this was my willingness to invite God into my healing and accept his will for me.

Returning home I noticed my good friend’s depression and anxiety returning. When this happens I become scared wondering if I will slip back into a deep depression. The way I cope is not to avoid what is going on with me and seek support from people who love and care for me.

It was Saturday night a few weeks ago and I was in a dark place. I was home alone due to an event my wife was at. We spoke late in the afternoon as we usually do when she is away. I mentioned how down I was feeling. She suggested I invite my daughter and in-laws over to play cards. When she said it I found myself resisting the idea thinking I could get by on my own. Once we hung up I contemplated inviting them over. I was feeling terrible and decided to call them and invite them over to play cards. This activity made me feel a little better.

Trying to go it alone is my pride kicking in which I realize only depletes me. I do not always need to be holding it together. As Painter states, “Embrace presence, abundance, slowness, tenderness, life unfolding, and embrace the mystery of life”.

What can we do today that is life-giving and nourishing”?



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