July 20, 2023 Piece of Peace

Recovery you give presents that others cannot even begin to imagine giving. We do not earn presents based on our achievements. Recovery, yours is not a rewards-based training program. You offer freely to all of us the same amount – which is a rich bounty. Your peace, which is beyond our comprehension, is a present directly from the heart of the 12 steps to us.

We cannot earn a piece of your peace. We don’t need to aim for it and wait to no longer feel depressed or anxious. Help us to receive the presents of peace in our minds, hearts, and souls by living in the here and now. Your peace settles our sadness, fear, and anxiety.

Recovery, you are reliable making life better than we ever thought possible. What an incredible present you give to us freely asking nothing in return. By offering our minds, and hearts to you today your peace is available to the abyss of our souls.



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