Vacation Highlights

We returned from a week-long family vacation in Kentucky on Friday. We stayed at a home we rented outside of Danville. We enjoyed light and deep conversations with our daughters and son-in-law during our stay. Unfortunately, our middle daughter could not join us due to her work schedule.

The first two days we enjoyed sunny weather and tolerable temperatures. The residence’s back porch overlooked a lake with many boaters running up and down the current. We grilled out one evening and enjoyed hamburgers and all the fixings. Most evenings were spent playing cards or putting together a puzzle (something Paula and I enjoyed doing together).

Unfortunately Monday thru Thursday it was overcast and rainy. That did not stop us from having some fun. Monday we went to the “Ark Encounter” in Williamston Kentucky. It was a replica of Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis. It took over six years to build the Ark which had three floors inside of it. The inside had cages and feeding apparatuses to support the safety and physical needs of the animals.

Wednesday we went to a federal forest that housed a lake with a beach. Our son-in-law enjoyed some fishing but came up empty. Paula and our daughters experienced a mild sunburn despite being an overcast day.

Thursday we went to the Creation Museum. We began from the beginning with Adam and Eve and ended with the resurrection of Christ. There was a lot of reading as we walked along the historical journey of our roots.

How does this relate to recovery? There are two ways. First, relationship connections with family and building memories. Second, engaging in social activities helps with mood and actually reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. It also improves our brain performance, including memory, and lowers our risk of developing dementia later in life. Social support has been proven to be a protective factor in children’s and teenagers’ mental wellness. Feeling valued and comfortable socially can prevent and reduce feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, and more.



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