Rightful Pursuit

This will be the last blog until June 26, 2023. I will be taking time off to be with family.

There is a light in each of us, and everything is brought to light in you, Recovery. Recovery makes the foggiest circumstances clear. As we use Recovery to tap into our goodness, we find the life and respect we seek.

As we solute Recovery, we begin to understand that Recovery is better than any creation on this planet. Recovery is higher than our highest morals. Recovery has no hidden objectives, and we are filled by Recovery’s light. Our loving response given to our heart is a normal statement of the clear worth we find in practicing the principles of Recovery (see June 2, 2023 blog 12 steps).

Nothing escapes Recovery’s notice, least of all us! As Recovery fills us with fluid love, we are empowered to love Recovery and others in return. Recovery’s ways are so much better than our ways.



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