February 9, 2024 Peer Support

I am experiencing some sadness and depression this week. To some extent, it may be due to the trauma my body has gone through because of my recent illness. On Thursday evenings I facilitate a Peer Support Group virtually.

Due to how I was feeling mentally last evening, I needed the support of those who attended. Although I am the facilitator it is nice to know I can be honest with my peers about my struggles. In my book, I remind us that there is no one and done when it comes to a mental health condition. Recovery is a continuous ongoing process.

I have been in this spot many times during my life. The support I receive from the group helps me realize I am not alone, people will listen to me without judgment, and I can get ideas on how to take care of myself.

Sometimes my blog is not uplifting and this may be one of those times. I attempt to be real and authentic on a daily basis about my mental health condition when I am communicating with you. I hope this provides some comfort to those who struggle with this condition to realize they are not alone. I hope this provides some understanding to those who support people with this condition.

Thank you to anyone who is a facilitator of a support group. Thank you for the support I receive from the groups I attend.



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