June 28, 2023 Working A 12 Step Program

During our support group meeting last evening, we focused on Step Two, “We believe a Power greater than ourselves is the path to hope, healing, and health.”

This belief will afford us the strength to take calculated risks without the absolute certainty of what the next moment will be like. When we are depressed, have anxiety, or other mental health conditions, and addiction we are used to things in the past turning out bad in our lives so should events in the future. We just believe our lives will be full of darkness.

We need to live in the present moment and surrender to Recovery and finally begin to experience healing that we never felt before. In my book, “SuperHuman Being” I share moments when I expected things to turn out bad since similar situations in the past turned out bad. This thought is very relevant to our experiences, “What we think about we bring about”.

By working a program of Recovery I am more hopeful of good outcomes coming into my life. For example, it took me over two years to write my book. There were days I was not confident I would reach publication. However, by working the 12 steps, receiving support from friends and family, and falling forward each day it became a reality for me.

If you want to know more about my journey of hope, healing, and health go to my website https://superhumanbeing.net/ click on ‘a buy now’ or go to Amazon and do a book search using, “Superhuman Being”. Sharing our experiences with each other brings sanity to our lived experiences whether we have a mental health condition, addiction, or support someone with these conditions.



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